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    Bull Serie

    Im Free-TV geht es heute weiter mit der Serie Bull bei Sat Dort laufen frische Folgen aus der vierten Staffel. Wie kommt eine gewisse Figur als Vater zurecht? Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) betreibt Trial Sciences Inc., eine enorm erfolgreiche Beraterfirma, Kann diese Serie mit guten Gewissen weiter empfehlen! Bull ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die am September ihre Premiere beim Sender CBS feierte. Hauptdarsteller der Serie ist der aus Navy.

    Bull (Fernsehserie, 2016)

    Staffel des Serien-Hits BULL mit dem aus Navy CIS bekannten Schauspieler Michael Weatherly. In der Serie spielt er Dr. Jason Bull, einen Psychologen, der es. Bull - Ganze Folgen kostenlos online sehen, TV-Termine, Bilder und Hintergrund​-Infos zur Crime-Serie mit NCIS-Star Michael Weatherly! Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) betreibt Trial Sciences Inc., eine enorm erfolgreiche Beraterfirma, Kann diese Serie mit guten Gewissen weiter empfehlen!

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    Puntano qui Modifiche correlate Pagine speciali Link permanente Informazioni pagina Cita questa voce Elemento Wikidata.

    Crea un libro Scarica come PDF Versione stampabile. Stati Uniti d'America. Phil McGraw , Paul Attanasio.

    September im Anschluss an NCIS. Aufgrund guter Quoten wurde die ursprüngliche Serienbestellung am Oktober von 13 auf 23 Episoden ausgeweitet Back nine order.

    Im März verlängerte CBS die Serie um eine zweite Staffel. September Die dritte Staffel der Serie wurde am April bestellt. Mai gab CBS die Verlängerung um eine fünfte Staffel bekannt.

    Die Erstausstrahlung in Deutschland fand vom During the trial, Benny learns that Izzy's tryst with Bull caused the collapse of her second marriage.

    He angrily attacks Bull, stating that after the current trial, he is done with Bull and TAC. Also, Marissa learns that the eggs she froze and her womb are both viable for invitro fertilization, but that there is a problem with Greg's sperm.

    She decides to tell her husband that she changed her mind about having children rather than reveal the truth to him.

    At the end of the episode, Izzy reveals that she is pregnant with Bull's child. On New Year's Eve , a young woman reluctantly serves a lone man at the bar his sixth shot of tequila, after which he goes to a home where his ex-wife and four of their friends are partying and shoots them all.

    In the present day, Bull loses a case tried by a seemingly incompetent attorney while Benny works a slip-and-fall case. Bull pleads with Benny to come back, but to no avail.

    Benny eventually joins Bull when the bartender who served the New Year's Eve shooter is being tried for involuntary manslaughter nearly two years after the event.

    Benny convinces the TAC team that he can make the case that alcohol didn't cause the shooting, rather, it had been planned well beforehand.

    Despite the team's best efforts, the jury is deadlocked for several days. A flash-forward, showing Bull and Izzy's pregnant daughter discussing the case that brought her father and uncle back together, reveals that there was a mistrial due to a hung jury, but the prosecutor chose to drop the charges.

    Elsewhere, Greg speaks to Marissa's fertility doctor and learns that his wife lied to him. Michael Weatherly. A whistleblower causes entrepreneur Whitney Holland Elizabeth Alderfer to be charged with defrauding investors by promising them her water desalination technology can handle volumes that are not possible.

    Bull agrees to take her case amid protests from the TAC team, especially Benny. Bull feels they can make the case that despite lying about her backstory and other things, Whitney truly believes her technology will eventually be viable.

    The trial results in only one juror siding with Whitney, which is enough to cause a mistrial. Bull tells the judge that the TAC team is tied up for the next seven months, giving Whitney and her company extra time to fully develop the technology before a retrial.

    Meanwhile, Chunk is proud of his daughter when she is chosen out of applicants for a journalism study-abroad program in Jordan , but he grows concerned when she appears to be avoiding him.

    Chunk's legal clinic scores a new trial for Eddie Mitchell Malcolm Goodwin , who was convicted of triple murder in when he was a year old low-level drug dealer.

    Another dealer and a pregnant woman were killed in the incident. Although he worked the original case for the prosecution as second chair, Benny starts to believe the conviction was wrong after interviewing the detective who used the same witness, a now-deceased prostitute, in four other murder cases.

    The case ultimately turns on the TAC team discovering through Taylor's enhanced forensics that the pregnant woman, thought to be an innocent bystander, may have been the target.

    Elsewhere, Marissa meets with her therapist and explains how Greg has suddenly become cold toward her, and Chunk finally makes contact with his daughter.

    Sadie Williams Krys Marshall , a young cosmetics entrepreneur who is famous for appearing in her own social media ads, is upset when her father, Gerald Rob Morgan , wants to sell the company to a global conglomerate.

    Gerald took control of the financial side of the company after Sadie had a well-publicized on-camera tirade related to what was later diagnosed as a bipolar condition.

    Sadie hires TAC to stop the sale, and initial evidence shows that Gerald did some shady things with his daughter's money. However, when Gerald's motives become clear, Bull and the team have to rethink their strategy.

    Meanwhile, Chunk learns that Anna is pregnant, and is further taken aback when she wants to terminate the pregnancy and thus not miss out on her journalism program in Jordan.

    Also, Marissa confides to Bull that her marriage to Greg is likely over. Taylor becomes obsessed with helping Jessica Lee, a dancer at a gentleman's club who claims she was raped by real estate mogul Nathan Alexander in one of the club's private rooms.

    Even after learning that TAC is courting Alexander as a client, Taylor is not deterred, causing Bull to be furious when she deliberately exposes Benny to Lee before he meets with Alexander.

    Bull eventually sees things Taylor's way, and takes up Lee's case. The case proves difficult, as there is no video evidence, no physical evidence Lee waited three days to report the incident to police , and Alexander has paid off all the previous victims that Danny can find.

    Elsewhere, Chunk is conflicted between being a good Christian or being a supportive father with regard to Anna's abortion. He ultimately decides on the latter, only to find that Anna is shutting him out.

    Rachel Elliot, a high-powered CEO known for her tenacity, wakes up hungover on her and husband Peter's boat, finding bruises on her arms, blood on the boat, and Peter missing.

    After he turns up dead and she is accused of murdering him while drunk, Rachel hires TAC to defend her. The team grow concerned when they find evidence that Rachel has been acting emotionless and out of character, including going to work the day she reported Peter missing and suffering from lapses of memory.

    It is revealed Rachel has early-onset Alzheimer's disease, which triggered her memory loss and abnormal behaviour. The team finds previously overlooked evidence and a witness who testifies that Peter tried to kill Rachel by suffocating her, and she killed him in self-defense.

    After she is found not guilty, Rachel, on Bull's request, resigns from her company and donates a substantial amount of her fortune toward Alzheimer's research.

    Meanwhile, Chunk continues to try to reconcile with Anna, sitting outside her dorm room for several hours. He manages to win her over by stating that while he may not be able to change her mind about her abortion, he will support her decision.

    Larry Kaplow. Bull has a difficult time defending a client who has confessed to accidentally killing the doctor who tried an experimental treatment on his sister, only to later learn that the treatment had never been tested on humans.

    It turns out the client is covering for his sister's son, who followed the doctor down a street and pushed him into a chain-link fence.

    The fence's gate was left unlocked, and the doctor plunged into a construction pit to his death. With the son now on trial, the prosecution tries to paint him as aggressive and having no remorse, leaving Chunk to work overtime preparing the teen.

    When several clicks indicate the gun seems empty, Theo leaves the room. When Theo returns, Charlie aims and fires, killing his brother. The prosecution chooses to charge the father Eric, Bull's friend from college, with negligent homicide after he admits he gave the gun safe combination to year old Theo.

    Eric says he frequently visited a shooting range with Theo and taught him safety, but video from their last visit reveals Eric did not check that the gun was empty on the way out.

    Eric swears on the stand that he fired six shots and the gun was empty. Meanwhile, Bull deduces from hearing Charlie's call and interviewing him that Charlie is likely a sociopath and incapable of empathy.

    After confirming attorney-client privilege, Charlie admits to Bull that he put the bullet in the gun. However, Bull and Benny share this with the prosecution to get Eric's charges dropped, stating Charlie committed perjury earlier in the trial which voids privilege.

    Charlie is charged with murdering his brother. A teenager, encouraged by his friends, climbs to the roof of The Flying Carpet pizzeria to take a selfie with a giant concrete pizza slice, only to have the concrete give way, causing the boy to fall to the sidewalk beneath.

    The now-paralyzed boy's family sues the restaurant owners, who subsequently ask their liability insurance company to settle. TAC represents the insurance company after it becomes clear the boy jumped a locked fence and ignored no trespassing signs before making his climb.

    The plaintiff argues that the restaurant was holding a weekly contest for patrons to take a selfie with the restaurant prominently featured, and they encouraged unique and original photos.

    Before the case is final, the insurance company pulls out, declaring the policy null and void due to a technicality and leaving the mom-and-pop owners liable for damages.

    Bull finds a way to pressure the insurance rep into settling with the boy's family while protecting the restaurant owners.

    After being stalked by her ex-boyfriend, both online and in-person, a woman encounters the man in her home and shoots him to death as he retreats down the steps.

    She is arrested for murder. Bull takes the case pro bono, believing TAC can make the case that the woman was harassed so much by the ex, she truly believed he was an imminent threat.

    The trial judge openly dislikes Bull due to a previous case, and forbids him from being in the courtroom. This forces Bull and Marissa to switch places.

    During the trial, the state tries to prove that the woman was actually the stalker. Taylor finds the man's cell phone and computers to be strangely clean, but after she and Danny find a hidden passage to the man's basement, they discover a high-tech gadget used to block outgoing signals.

    This turns the case in favor of the defense. Meanwhile, Taylor fears she is being ghosted by a man she recently dated. Marissa's friend Stephen Aaron Dean Eisenberg , whose younger brother has just committed suicide, wants to sue notable philanthropic businessman Peter Maybrook Kevin Kilner for abusing that brother in the early s when he was a child.

    While New York has passed a law removing the statute of limitations on sexual abuse cases during a certain window, Bull and Benny say they cannot sue on behalf of the deceased.

    Stephen then reveals that he also was abused by Maybrook two years before his brother, and proposes to sue the billionaire himself.

    Bull looks to select jurors who can empathize with an individual's need for personal privacy, but the trial ultimately turns on evidence from digital cameras that the brother stole from the defendant.

    Chunk's friend Reggie from his private high school days, who is now a counselor, asks if Chunk can meet with the parents of Antonio Garcia, a year old who collapsed and died while training to make weight for a wrestling match.

    The defense points to enrollment paperwork and contends that Antonio's parents failed to disclose a heart condition he had as an infant, but the mother contends that doctors told them the condition was gone by the time Antonio was five years old.

    Knowing the defense paid a medical expert well known for appearing in court cases, Bull and the team look for any occasions where she testified that an infant mitral valve condition cannot cause a heart attack in teens.

    However, the expert crosses them up by testifying she found evidence that Antonio was taking amphetamines before his death.

    Chunk finds an email trail leading him to discover that Antonio confided with Reggie about his amphetamine use.

    Reggie says Antonio did not want him to reveal his secret, but then says he did tell one person: Antonio's coach. A white couple is left confused after the wife gives birth to a brown baby.

    The wife, an old friend of Taylor's, requests TAC's help, as the fertility clinic they used made a mistake with the sperm. In court, Benny states that the wealthy black couple work long hours and have been looking for nannies, while the black couple's lawyer points out that the white husband attends therapy weekly to seek help from his abusive childhood.

    When divorce papers the white wife filed a year prior come to light, she defends herself saying she was suffering from hormones and mood swings during her pregnancy, while the opposing lawyer interjects that the wife had dropped the divorce solely upon learning of her pregnancy.

    Finally, Danny researches the black couple and finds out that the black wife is in remission from cancer.

    A compassionate Bull comes up with a solution: the white wife gives one of her eggs to the black couple for their fertility treatment in exchange for both couples being given visitation time with each other's children.

    Samir Shadid, a successful heart surgeon who has saved numerous lives, is arrested and accused of knowing that his father paid a large sum to get him admitted to an exclusive university over ten years ago.

    Bull looks for jurors who believe in second chances, but the TAC team is forced to use their last available discretionary pick to choose between two jurors they don't want.

    Samir claims he was unaware of what his now-deceased father did. The middleman actually a woman who worked with the corrupt admissions officer claims Samir was present when his father made the payment, but Samir's mother swears on the stand that her son had no idea.

    During the trial, Bull is forced to leave when an overdue Izzy has pains, but it is false labor. The TAC team learns of a bribe being paid to a juror, which turns out to be from a lawyer who had also been accused of paying the same middleman and has an interest in the outcome.

    Bull shares this information with the prosecutor, and encourages her to drop the current case. As the court case closes, Izzy goes into labor for real, and gives birth to a daughter.

    Vivian Cahill Anna Wood , an old college friend of Bull, is accused of murdering her verbally-abusive father, Terrence, in their home. Bull accepts the case, but complications arise when Benny suffers from a bursted appendix during the early stages of the trial.

    Chunk stands in as Vivian's legal representative with Benny serving as his remote supervisor. The TAC team learn through their investigation that the culprit was not a debt collector harassing Vivian, but an illegitimate son of Terrence who accidentally killed him in a fit of rage.

    FBI agents arrest Elena Smith for kidnapping her 3-year old niece, Sarah Cooper, 12 years ago because of overwhelming evidence that Sarah's father, Jim Cooper, was abusing both Sarah and his now-deceased wife Elena's sister.

    Sarah, now 15 and known by the name Chloe Smith, has been raised by Elena as her daughter. Written by ahmetkozan. Despite the rush of people on IMDb who seem strangely desperate to trash this new show; I personally, as a fan of procedural crime dramas and team "puzzle of the week" shows like House M.

    D, really quite enjoy Bull so far. The first episode had an intriguing premise, the second episode built up the team members' characters enough to at least make them likable, and I think Michael Weatherly is enjoying the role massively and it shows in his winning performance.

    The psychological aspect of the show is something I don't think we see enough of on television in general and even if some of it is pumped up into quick, flashy computer bites, it still aids the story which is really all it's meant to do.

    As shows in their infancy go, I think this one is off to a promising start. Bull is a well-shot bit of interesting fun and I will definitely keep watching!

    All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. Sign In. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. FULL CAST AND CREW TRIVIA USER REVIEWS IMDbPro MORE LESS.

    Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Consultado el 17 de octubre de Deadline Hollywood.

    Consultado el 23 de marzo de Consultado el 1 de junio de After appearing as a recurring character in the first four seasons, Yara Martinez was upgraded to series regular for season 5.

    Internationally, the series premiered in the UK on FOX UK on January 13, The series premiered in Australia on Network Ten on March 5, In Italy, it debuted on Rai 2 on November 13, In France, it debuted on M6 on June 22, The first two seasons aired on Tuesday nights following Weatherly's previous show NCIS , but beginning in Season 3, the show moved to Monday nights.

    The website's critical consensus reads, "Michael Weatherly's performance is top-notch, but not enough to save a show that relies too heavily on a well-worn series of legal show tropes and an off-putting premise.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American legal drama television series about a fictional trial consulting firm.

    This article is about the American legal drama. For the American drama concerning investment bankers, see Bull TV series.

    For the British sitcom, see Bull TV series. Legal drama Comedy-drama. Phil McGraw Paul Attanasio. Michael Weatherly Freddy Rodriguez Geneva Carr Christopher Jackson Jaime Lee Kirchner Annabelle Attanasio MacKenzie Meehan.

    Paul Attanasio Phil McGraw Jay McGraw Justin Falvey seasons 1—3 Darryl Frank seasons 1—3 Mark Goffman Steven Spielberg seasons 1—3 Rodrigo Garcia. Amblin Television seasons 1—3 Picturemaker Productions season 2 — present Atelier Paul Attanasio Stage 29 Productions CBS Studios.

    Bull Pizza in der Spring Street. Weitere US-Serien online streamen. Criminal Minds Neon-Terror 43 min. Criminal Minds Gespaltene Zungen 40 min.

    FBI Gier nach Vergeltung 38 min.

    Bull est une série TV de Phil McGraw et Paul Attanasio avec Michael Weatherly (Dr Jason Bull), Freddy Rodriguez (Benny Colón). Retrouvez tous les détails des 5 3/5(). Bull è una serie televisiva statunitense, prodotta nel e trasmessa dal 20 settembre dello stesso anno sul canale CBS.. La serie è liberamente ispirata alla vita del famoso psicologo e presentatore televisivo statunitense Phil McGraw, conosciuto anche come "Dr. Phil", che è stato attivo, prima del suo lavoro in televisione, come un cosiddetto "consulente di processo", Anno: – in produzione. Bull: Die Serie Er weiß, wie sich eine Jury entscheidet, bevor sie es selbst weiß! Michael Weatherly sorgt als Dr. Jason Bull dafür, dass der Gerechtigkeit genüge getan wird. Bull offers his services to the skydiving Wann Spielt Captain Marvel, now run by the owner's daughter, after they are sued by the Governor's widow. Tricia Brock. Losing Alice. S5, Ep5. Staffel 3. Security Fraud. Mit diesen Informationen kreiert Bull eine Live Sendung perfekte Mirror-Jury Spiegel-Juryführt Tests mit dieser durch und formt seinen Klienten zu einer Person, der von den tatsächlichen Jury-Mitgliedern für unschuldig erklärt wird. Januar
    Bull Serie Bull (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Bull is an American legal drama television series starring Michael Weatherly. CBS ordered the pilot to series on May 13, , and it premiered on September 20, In May , the series was renewed for a fifth season which premiered on November 16, Following a tragic plane crash, the pilot and lone survivor finds herself targeted as the scapegoat and it's up to Bull and company to save her reputation, her livelihood and the good fortunes of those arrayed to assist her. S1, Ep3 11 Oct. Bull is an American drama series created by Michael S. Chernuchin. It was TNT's first original series, and was cancelled in the middle of Season 1. Bull is an American drama television series starring Michael thehandshakemagazine.com ordered the program to series on May 13, , and it premiered on September 20, The show is based on the early days of talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw's career, when he was a trial consultant. During the trial, Benny learns that Izzy's tryst with Bull caused the Bull Serie of her second marriage. Retrieved November 16, Cable tells Bull about the meeting, and Bull forbids her to Hexen Heute with Sarah. They learn he is a former MMA fighter and friend of the real bail jumper, who paid off the bail bondsman to lead Trent to the wrong target while allowing himself to leave the country. Phil McGraw Paul Attanasio. Armed with Coleman's plea and the victim's three friends as witnesses, the prosecution seems to have the upper hand. Bull and his team must work past Farbtrends Haare 2021 doctor's arrogance to convince the jury that the doctor had no other choice Thomas Sport Center the disastrous procedure. Phil McGraw and by Paul Attanasiowho Bayern 3 Frühaufsteher expected to executive produce alongside Phil McGraw, Jay McGrawJustin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Mark GoffmanSteven Spielbergand Rodrigo Garcia. After Danny and Cable do some legwork to narrow down the list of people who are likely Fernsehquoten serial killer, Bull visits the prime suspect's wife, surmising she already knows the things her husband has done. Phil McGraw Paul Attanasio. Retrieved March 15,

    Hunt Marius Hoppe Nackt such as the unique red dragon, Filmmaterial Online zu stellen, werden sie nach dem Absenden auf unsere Lieferzeit Hermes weitergeleitet, Bull Serie sind es einfach zu viele! - Navigationsmenü

    Zu Bulls Angestellten gehört auch sein Ex-Schwager und einziger Anwalt im Team Benny Colon, porträtiert von Freddy Denver Clan Dynasty.
    Bull Serie Dr. Jason Bull betreibt gemeinsam mit seinem Team die sehr erfolgreiche Beraterfirma Trial Sciences Inc., die Angeklagte bei Geschworenenverfahren darin berät, wie man die Geschworenen mit diversen Tricks auf seine Seite zieht. Bull ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die am September ihre Premiere beim Sender CBS feierte. Hauptdarsteller der Serie ist der aus Navy. Bull (): Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) betreibt Trial Sciences Inc., Viele meiner Serien haben aktuell Drehpause wodurch die Staffel noch nicht zu. Bull - Ganze Folgen kostenlos online sehen, TV-Termine, Bilder und Hintergrund​-Infos zur Crime-Serie mit NCIS-Star Michael Weatherly!


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