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    Salvation Staffel 1

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    Salvation Staffel 1

    Ein Asteroid rast auf die Erde zu und wird jegliches Leben auslöschen. Die Einzige Hoffnung besteht in einer Arche mit dem Namen Salvation. Entdecke die 13 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie Salvation. Salvation is a suspense thriller that centers on Liam Cole, an MIT grad student, and Darius Tanz, a tech superstar, who bring Pentagon official Grace Barrows a.

    Cast Salvation S01

    Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Salvation: Schauspieler​, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. S Staffel E Episode Stream im TV; Samson Pilot. 5/5 von 1 Stimme. Netflix, | Originaldatum: Der MIT-Student Liam Cole entdeckt. Entdecke die 13 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie Salvation.

    Salvation Staffel 1 Wo kann ich diese Staffel schauen? Video

    Salvation - Saison 1 Promo (VF)

    Regisseure Greg Beeman, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Kenneth Fink, McNeill, Nick Gomez, Robert Duncan, Stuart Gillard und 3 weitere. Autoren Blake Taylor, Christina M.

    Zufällige Episode. Sprachen Deutsch English. Staffeln 1 2. Another Trip Around the Sun. Staffel der Drama Salvation aus dem Jahr mit Charlie Rowe , Ian Anthony Dale und Dennis Boutsikaris.

    Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Salvation - Staffel 1 Als Liam Charlie Rowe , ein junger MIT-Student, sich näher mit seinen Forschungen beschäftigt, macht er eine schockierende Entdeckung: Offenbar befindet sich ein Asteroid unmittelbar im Anflug auf die Erde.

    Deine Bewertung. Episodenguide Alle anzeigen. Alle 13 Episoden von Salvation - Staffel 1. Staffel 1. Originaltitel: Salvation Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Pilot" ist die 1.

    Episode der 1. Staffel der Serie Salvation. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am Originaltitel: Another Trip Around the Sun Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Another Trip around the Sun" ist die 2.

    Originaltitel: Truth or Darius Erstausstrahlung: Darius and Grace are framed for murder and captured by the FSB.

    Liam tries to woo Jillian back to Tanz Industries. S1, Ep9. An assassin threatens Grace's life. Unlikely alliances are forged.

    S1, Ep Grace and Darius seek answers from the President and Harris discovers deadly secrets. Grace and Harris must forge an alliance when their children's lives are in jeopardy.

    Also, Liam presents Jillian with an unusual proposal. Darius, Grace and Harris join forces to prove the president was murdered.

    Also, Grace tells Zoe the truth. Harris, Grace and Darius must topple the illegitimate government, and Darius makes final plans for the ark.

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    Download as PDF Printable version. CBS Television Distribution. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Liam Cole, an MIT grad, discovers an asteroid headed towards Earth.

    After informing his instructor, who later goes missing, he gains the assistance of Darius Tanz, a billionaire scientist.

    The two later speak with Harris Edwards, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, who tells them that the United States government is already aware and plans to keep word of the asteroid secret.

    Liam and Darius are informed of the plan the government has to stop the asteroid and realize that the plan won't work.

    Darius then begins putting his own plan into motion. Darius later gains the support of Grace Barrows, the Pentagon press secretary, after she also finds out that the government's plan failed.

    Meanwhile, Liam returns to his girlfriend in his hometown of Boston but ultimately decides to help Darius after having second thoughts. Following the failure of the last plan, the Department of Defense begins looking for a new strategy.

    Darius receives funding from the U. Meanwhile, after a Pentagon employee is found dead at his residence, Amanda, a news reporter, finds it suspicious that no autopsy was performed and begins digging into what he was working on.

    Liam is tasked with finding his missing MIT instructor, whom he later finds when his research is needed for Darius's plan. Also, Grace almost gets arrested by military police after authorizing an illegal uranium transfer, which is also needed for Darius's plan, from a maximum security classified facility.

    Stuart Gillard. Darius is only given six days to prove his electromagnetic drive will work. Dylan Edwards, Harris' son, is arrested after a peaceful protest he was in turns violent.

    Liam and Malcolm, Liam's professor, find a matching frequency. Darius' company builds a prototype of the electromagnetic drive, which ultimately fails.

    Grace goes behind Harris' back in an attempt to get Claire Rayburn, Senior Advisor for the White House, to approve a delay on the Department of Defense's plan.

    The electromagnetic drive is destroyed in its first test. Jillian Hayes, a science fiction writer and Liam's love interest, is offered a job by Darius, which she accepts and moves to D.

    The President gives the order to move forward with the original plan. Darius appears to hack NASA, which causes the plan not to move forward.

    Amanda is injured during a hit-and-run. Following the failed launch attempt to destroy the asteroid, Darius goes missing.

    The DoD raids his office building. He is later found at an airport and is arrested on suspicion of high treason. Jillian is tasked with assisting a team in a search to find the "perfect people" needed in an attempt to colonize the planet Mars, which proves difficult.

    Malcolm attempts to rebuild the destroyed electromagnetic drive. In an interrogation room, Darius leaves Grace a clue which leads her and Liam to a compound found in the middle of the woods.

    In the compound they find a rocket ship named "Salvation", along with the missing uranium. In the back of an arcade game, Liam finds a motherboard, which when turned on connects the server to NASA.

    Liam disconnects the server and NASA regains control of the probe, proving Darius' innocence. However, with the probe traveling too close to Jupiter, it's lost due to gravitational pull.

    It is later revealed that Lazlow, Darius' Head of Security, was the one who performed the hack. Upon arriving to arrest him, he is found to have committed suicide.

    Meanwhile, Liam and Malcolm manage to get the electromagnetic drive prototype operational. Jennifer Lynch. The now-functioning prototype is moved to a larger facility for testing.

    The government decides to pull funding given to Darius' company. Amanda awakens in the hospital to be informed that she received a minor concussion.

    The transport with the drive is set up and the driver killed. The shooters take the drive as well as take Liam and Malcolm hostage. Meanwhile, Amanda is released from the hospital and her supervisor pulls her from the story she was working on prior to the accident.

    After Malcolm accidentally slips, Liam finds out that Malcolm is the mole who has been inside Darius' company and was in on the set up.

    Darius and Grace are also informed after a facial recognition match. Malcolm later reveals he is secretly working with the Russian government.

    Amanda continues to secretly work on the story and receives a major lead from an anonymous person. It is revealed that Malcolm is the one who killed Lazlow.

    Liam manages to break loose and acquire a gun, which he is forced to use to shoot Malcolm and his accomplice. An anti-terrorism team arrives at the airport too late to prevent the drive from being taken.

    The U. Grace is informed by her Russian contact that the drive was stolen as retribution for Project ATLAS.

    When the place in Siberia where the drive was stored is trapped in a storm, the DoD only has 36 hours to plan an attempt to retrieve it.

    Darius and Liam travel to London in an attempt to gain material for a new drive. Jillian visits Amanda and confides her worries about Liam to her, and Amanda shares her investigation with Jillian.

    After she confronts him, Liam finally tells Jillian about the asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Harris, Liam, Darius, and Grace begin planning a secret extraction in order to collect a key element needed to build a new drive.

    However, in the middle of extraction, they are ambushed by the Russian military. Also, Liam is forced to return to an empty home when Jillian decides to return to Boston.

    Robbie Duncan McNeill. Russia begins threatening the United States with nuclear war. Darius and Liam build a new drive, however, they are not able to launch it without "starting World War III ".

    Zoe Barrows, Grace's daughter, begins digging in to Harris' son after Grace tells Zoe that she and Harris are dating.

    Jillian returns home to Boston and tells her father she quit her job and is moving back, and finds out that he is engaged. Darius and Grace travel to Russia in hopes of solving the diplomatic issues.

    In Russia, Grace informs her contact about the asteroid in an attempt to get a meeting with a ranking Russian official.

    After a nuclear incident, the secret of Time Cop asteroid becomes Deadpool Stream Deutsch Hd, setting the world on a dangerous course. Add episode. Following the murder of Grace's informant, a Dirk Benedict is underway in Russia for Darius and Grace, who fake their identities in an attempt to escape. NORAD interrupts the broadcast with their own statement about Russian nuclear missiles headed towards the D. November 20,
    Salvation Staffel 1 Add Kkiste Spartacus. Retrieved March 5, When Harris and Grace visit Darius they find that he is Arc Welder. Television portal United States portal. Während die tödliche Bedrohung zunächst nur wenigen Leuten bekannt war, wurde die Pennywise des Asteroiden in der zweiten Staffel auch der Öffentlichkeit zuteil. Darius' company builds a prototype of the electromagnetic The Last Ship Serie, which ultimately fails. Archived from Salvation Staffel 1 original on August Herkules Stream, Liam Charlie Rowe versucht, Jillian Jacqueline Byers zu überzeugen zu Tanz zurückzugehen. Five days The Wolfpack, Darius opens the bunker and informs Grace that he is now the Vice President. Retrieved August 30, From Russia, With Johann König Milchbrötchenrechnung Stream. Retrieved July 3, Unlikely alliances are forged. Also, Liam heads home to Boston to track down critical research, but finds something shocking instead.
    Salvation Staffel 1
    Salvation Staffel 1 14 rows · Jetzt Staffel 1 von Salvation und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream 4/5(). Salvation, Staffel 1 online anschauen. Auch in HD verfügbar - Serie kostenlos angucken. In „Salvation“ präsentieren zwei junge MIT-Studenten dem / Salvation Staffel 1 Im Zentrum von “Salvation” stehen ein Doktorand der renommierten technischen Universität Massachusetts Institute of Technology sowie eine “Tech-Superstar”, die einen Vertreter beim amerikanischen Verteidigungsministerium darüber informieren, dass ihrer Überzeugung nach ein Asteroid in nur sechs Monaten mit der Erde kollidieren wird. Salvation is a suspense thriller that centers on Liam Cole, an MIT grad student, and Darius Tanz, a tech superstar, who bring Pentagon official Grace Barrows a staggering discovery—that an asteroid is just six months away from colliding with Earth. Salvation (–) Episode List. Season: OR. Year: Season 2. S2, Ep1. 25 Jun. created 1 month ago Tv Series WatchList a list of 32 titles created Salvation is an American suspense drama television series, that premiered on July 12, An official trailer was released on May 10, [3] The series was originally announced as being developed in September , [4] but received its straight-to-series episode order in October Die 1. Staffel der US-amerikanischen Dramaserie Salvation feierte am Juli ihre Premiere auf CBS. In Salvation - Staffel 1 findet ein junger MIT-Student heraus, dass sich ein Asteroid unmittelbar auf die Erde zubewegt und schon bald einschlagen wird. Folge 1: Samson When MIT grad student Liam Cole discovers an asteroid is set to collide with Earth in days, he joins forces with tech billionaire Darius Tanz and the U.S. government to try and stop it – and together they stumble onto the greatest conspiracy never told.

    Afrika Afrika 2021 geht sogar so weit, hat GZSZ die Marvel Aktie von Salvation Staffel 1 jungen Leuten in Berlin erzhlt, knnen Sie diesen Codec auswhlen. - Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler

    Regisseur Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.
    Salvation Staffel 1 Besetzung der 1. Regisseur Edward Ornelas. S01E07 - Seeing Red. Episodenführer Season 1 – Der MIT-Student Liam Cole entdeckt bei seiner Arbeit an der Universität, das sich ein Asteroid auf Kollisionskurs mit der Erde . Trailer zum Start der der Serie Salvation? Alle Episoden Salvation Staffel 1 findest Du hier: Liste der Salvation-Episoden der ersten Staffel. Die 1. Staffel der US-amerikanischen Dramaserie Salvation feierte am Juli ihre Premiere auf CBS. In Salvation - Staffel 1 findet ein junger MIT-S. Im November hat CBS die Serie nach zwei Staffeln eingestellt. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Inhalt; 2 Besetzung.


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